Father’s Day Message

fhandOn June 15th, Father’s Day, or June 14th, Father’s Love Letter will be placed in a full page in the Sports section of The Florida Times-Union. This outreach for Saturday can reach over 509,000 souls, with a special rate of $3,475; if placed on Sunday, it can reach over 689,000 souls, with a rate of $10,670.

When we began placing Father’s Love Letter in various publications, God told us then, as we pass on to you now, “SO WHAT PRICE DO YOU PUT ON A SOUL?” Statistics (Baptist Press): Reaching men, reaches families! A 93% probability exists for household salvation, when the father is first to become a Christian, 17% if the mother is first and 3.5% if the child is first. “To reach men, you have to enter into their world,” as stated by Sid Woodruff, a men’s ministry specialist.

Please send in your best gift for this and all other continued outreaches into our great city. Funds for this outreach must reach us by Wednesday June 9th. We are seeing lives changed for eternity through the goodness of God. This is not for us to do alone but to do as one body of believers. Please join us, as we blanket the earth with His extravagant love, everywhere and in every way, for eternity! God Bless You!