May Newsletter

Greetings Beloved Ones of God!

The extended week with Barry Adams, author of Father’s Love Letter, and his family here in Jacksonville was both successful and challenging. We did encounter some opposition, however God did and does prevail. The enemy’s attempts to divide us did nothing but strengthen our resolve to continue. Receiving the revelation of the message of Father’s unconditional love brings freedom and unity to the body.

The week with Barry Adams began on Friday morning, with the three of us being hosted by local pastors, on the TBN station, here in Jacksonville. The interview began with a brief introduction, followed by the airing of the Father’s Love Letter video. An in depth interview with Barry Adams followed, in which he shared his testimony, his journey home and the Father heart of God. We spoke about the search for man’s identity being in the Father’s love and about Barry’s visit here. Afterwards, there were calls returned to those who had called in to the station after viewing the broadcast. At the completion of the broadcast, we visited with the hosts, other guests, and the TBN staff and found they also had been visibly touched by all that was said and by the words expressed in the video.

The following day, a gathering was set up for the pastors who opened their church and worship leaders and others to meet and fellowship with Barry, his wife Ann and their children. Out of this gathering, came the revelation, that “we can only go deeper into Father’s Love” for us individually and corporately; the result of this was the worship we encountered that evening. Reports are still coming to us about the worship as well as the word spoken by Barry. Though there were fewer than expected at the services on Saturday night and Sunday morning, the word went forth and ministered healing, deliverance and life to those who were present. We are grateful for Barry’s obedience to our Lord and King to come to Jacksonville, and we look forward, already, to his return. The groundwork for future visits is already being laid for future visits here.

The outreach for “The Opening of the Beaches” parade was on Sunday afternoon, immediately following the church service. Local coordinators estimate as many as 100,000 come from all over the city of Jacksonville for these events. We can only assume that number did not change for this year. Laborers, representing many area churches, handed out almost 5,000 Father’s Love Letters. The letters were made into hand held fans, folded as a greeting card, and printed on the back of a card with the skyline of Jacksonville, as seen on this website We also gave out about 1,000 pieces of candy, mostly with scriptures printed on them, sunglasses and balloons for the little children, hundreds of smiley face heart stickers, “God Is Love” pencils and 900 red colored heart stickers with “Father Loves You” and the web address printed on them. Bright yellow, smiley face beach balls and red Nerf footballs with the same printed information were thrown into the crowd to generate more excitement as the “Father Loves You” float passed by. Two anointed songs were played on CD throughout the parade and Father’s Love Letter narrated on CD played at the beginning and end of the parade. The crowd was very receptive to all the materials handed out, to the music played, to the love given and to the Word spoken; and so were the judges, as reported to us later. It appeared to them that “this group, the ones on the float and those giving out materials along the parade route, were having a good time and that there was a lot of love between them!” God is good and He lavishes us with His love. In addition, we were told that the float came in 4th place!

On Wednesday, many were unable to attend the pastors and leaders luncheon, however we were glad to see those who were there. Some came as far away as Putnam County and from Georgia and these pastors, worship leaders, business owners, civic leaders, ministry leaders and missionaries represented many different churches and areas of our First Coast region. A police chief, representing one of the zones here in Jacksonville, the Mad Dads national and local presidents, a Christian psychiatrist and author here in the city and Youth Quake Live creator, and the others already mentioned, all came together to hear the cry of Father’s heart for our city. From this gathering, many lasting relationships have begun.

This same evening, WROS, AM-1050 gave a live one-hour radio spot, from 6pm to 7pm, to the message of Father’s Love, with the narrated FLL broadcast twice within the hour. Barry and Bill were interviewed and spoke about the effects of Father’s love in Barry’s life and the writing of Father’s Love Letter, the website, which has reached over 120 nations and had five million downloads, and etc. The launching of the website, and the outreaches through Hot Pursuit Ministries here in the Jacksonville area, NYC and other parts of America, the most recent trip into France, with the message of Father’s Love, and other topics were discussed on the interview, as well. Since this date, the radio station has continued to air the narrated Father’s Love Letter and have received calls from individuals and pastors calling to testify of its effect on them and for information on getting these resource/ministry tools to reach others. Note that the two videos, narrated CD, the poster, encouragement cards, and the text of Father’s Love Letter, in all 42 languages, are available for you, with a suggested donation to this ministry.

On Thursday, May 1st, the National Day of Prayer, there were two prayer locations set up in the city. We assisted in greeting and parking at the one located at the TPC, 1st Hole, where we handed out bulletins with inserts of Father’s Love Letter placed inside. Earlier that day at the City Hall, downtown Jacksonville, was the other prayer location. About 300 Father Loves Jacksonville cards were handed out, the skyline of Jacksonville is on one side and Father’s Love Letter on the other. Father has it covered; He told us to blanket this city with His love and that is what we see Him doing through us and through others.

The Friday night before Barry’s departure, Barry, his wife and his teenage children attended Youth Quake Live, where the video of FLL was shown at the end, followed by applause! An altar call was given and over 100 youth responded. Wow!

On his last Sunday here, Barry ministered to the congregation of Greater Dimensions Christian Assembly, who have supported this ministry from its conception. Barry and his family received a blessing from them as well.

Though Barry spent most of his time ministering and enhancing the work already started here, there were a few days for Barry and his family to have some time together and enjoy the sun and the beaches and good food found around the First Coast.

It was a great week with so many more things to testify of the saving grace of our Lord.

Barry has encouraged us to go to churches to testify and encourage the local body and pastors with a 20 minute or 45 minute time of sharing what we believe is Father’s heart in reaching our First Coast area. Many have found that the change and growth that takes place with the message of Father’s Love is inviting and brings freedom within, one by one. When we truly receive His love, it is personally for us alone but then we cannot be quiet about it and we must tell others with the same passion He gave to us! We begin to burst at the seams with excitement and therefore taking it beyond the four walls of our homes and church buildings. We must tell others of our lover, the One, Who first loved us, while we were yet sinners! Do You Have This Love?

Upcoming events and activities include the printing and distribution of Father’s Love Letters for all those who attend the Mad Moms Rally on May 17th. This rally is being held at the downtown campus of FCCJ from 10 pm to midnight, concluding with prayer.

Also, we have been asked for Father’s Love Letters for the Motorcycle Rally at the old speedway in St. Augustine on May 17-18. They expect 30,000 bikers, Christian and Non-Christian groups, to attend. This is the largest quantity to be printed and distributed in this area, at one time.

On Father’s Day weekend, on Saturday, in the Sports section, Father’s Love Letter will be published once again, in a full page in The Florida Times-Union. The special rate for that day is $3,500. Please send in your best seed for this and all other outreaches into our great city. We are seeing lives changed for eternity through the goodness of God. This is not for us to do alone. Please join us as we blanket the earth with His extravagant love, everywhere and in every way, for eternity!

Looking forward to hearing back from you. God Bless You Abundantly!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher

Ambassadors of Father’s Love