July Newsletter

Greetings Beloved Ones of God!

As we reflect over the last months… The website: has undergone some more changes and in less than three months has received over 2,000 visits and over 8,000 hits from over 22 states and from six continents. There have even been visits from North Korea! This is an incredible confirmation of the call and purpose for us. God’s desire is that we will know and accept His love. It is evident that all people hunger for acceptance and unconditional love.

Testimonies continue to come to us of Father’s love bringing healing and freedom with the use of Father’s Love Letter in this ministry. If you have a testimony to share with us, please take a few moments to send that account to us. The Bible states that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. (Rev 12:11) Please let us know if we may submit your testimony for use on the website, if so we will use only your first name, possibly your church home and any other information as you direct.

We launched the website and it is under construction. This site will include:

  • The ongoing work of this ministry
  • The highlighting of local ministries
  • Various ministry tools to assist in outreaches
  • Father’s Love Letter resource materials
  • Specially designed tracts personalized for different vocations and for citywide events
  • Local testimonies that encourage, edify, and exalt Jesus

It was for people that Jesus came and gave His life so that we might have life! We believe Jesus would be amongst the people, guiding them into the arms of their Heavenly Dad! It is our desire to do the same. We believe that we are one of many ministries, which God has risen up to co-labor with the local church to reach cities with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The foundation of this message is the unconditional love of Father, as openly displayed in the death of His only son, taking our place, doing what we could not possibly do for ourselves. Once we know what He has done for us, nothing can keep us down, or keep us quiet. (John 3:16, John 17:11-18, 2 Tim 4:1-5)

We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor are we timid about it. His love for us is all consuming and burns like a fire deep within! He did not come into the world to condemn it but to save it. He came for people and He is not holding anything against us, only to love us. In this love is life! There are far too many who do not know why they are even living and are aimlessly living life for the wrong reasons. Many live their life from one party to the next, from one thrill to another, from success to success, looking for acceptance or living life through someone else. Man seeks to fill the emptiness and dull the pain in many different ways. Resting in the loving embrace of Father’s love, we find the acceptance, identity, purpose, direction and fulfillment of all we need. Rest In His Love Daily! (2 Tim 1:6-14, John 15:4-17, John 3: 17-19, Rom 8:30-39)

This ministry continues, at every opportunity, to share the Father’s love. In these ongoing outreaches, we anticipate many hearts touched and forever changed by Father’s words of love. This continued pursuit of the lost requires more resources than we have had in the past, we do not want to limit what we believe Father wants to do. Nothing should prevent us from doing the will of the Lord, yet it happens. These outreaches must be a joint effort, one of commitment and it will cost us, and it should. Our faith within must be greater than the fear from without. This is a very large city, the largest land mass city within the United States, over 40 miles across and with many neighboring cities that make up the “First Coast.” We believe God has given us a plan and we must pursue His heart to fulfill that plan. We invite you to join us to fulfill this call to reach this city, this state and this nation; and anywhere He would send us. (2 Tim 4:1-5)

Just recently, we have returned from the Tampa and Orlando area, where we were involved in support and ministry of Father’s love with Barry Adams, other friends and brothers and sisters in that area. While in the area, we gave insight for placing FLL in a full-page ad in the Orlando paper and information for creating a Father Loves Orlando website. We continue to minister wherever Father sends us and we are seeing lives changed and souls coming into the kingdom of God, here in Jacksonville and beyond.

newsletter2003julbLeft: Deborah ministering in Pinellas Park, Florida at Praise Cathedral. A divine appointment for both Deborah and Chloe. They met by email about 5 months ago, and then found one another in the same church, Chloe’s home church. The ministry of FLL at a camp she and her husband, Jim, attended, touched over 200 lives. Jim passed into heaven on the day before the taking of this picture. Many souls are on his account… this is another of many testimonies.

There are many events throughout the year, where we will creatively take this message of Father’s love, on billboards, in various publications, at funerals, sporting events, into prisons, nursing homes, and wherever people live and play. Included, but not listed are the benevolent gifts of food, shelter, clothing, and various other needed items given on a regular basis with the message of Father’s love.

The following are part of the plans and some of their estimated costs for the future.

  • To place Father’s Love Letter in various publications as directed. (Cost varies by circulation)
  • To place the message of Father’s love in the air over the beach on Labor Day weekend ($325 and up)
  • To enter the Veteran’s Day and boat parade in November (entry fee & decorating cost)
  • To mail or hand deliver Father’s Love Letter to each household, one neighborhood at a time
  • To mail Father’s Love Letter to one prison and nursing home at a time ($525 per 1,000)

Father’s Love Letter ministry tools, to reach the lost and wounded, are now available in 44 languages; the most recent ones are Hebrew and Turkish. (For suggested donations, plus shipping and handling.)

New BookFLL (NEW) Devotional Gift Book $10
FLL (NEW) DVD $20 (in August)
FLL Original Video $15
“Journey Home To Love” Video $13
Parchment Posters (11 x 17) $3
VCD Chinese $3 (Some CDs of Other Languages)
TV & Radio Promotional Spots (Upon Request)
Encouragement Cards (Upon Request)

Barry AdamsFather continues to speak this to us, “Tell them I love them!” He desires that His love be known and for us to accept His love. In Him, we live, move, and have our being. To live without His love is life without purpose leading only to fulfillment of our fleshly desires. It is our desire to hear Him say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

The field is ripe to harvest, right here in Jacksonville. We encourage you to plant your best seed into this ministry so that we can continue to do, in a greater way, what Father has put on our heart to do. There are many testimonies we can share with you, and we include but a few to show you the fruit that you’re giving, to this ministry, brings into the kingdom of God, both here and abroad. We hope you will accept this opportunity to partner with us in the harvest, and on a regular basis. (2Tim 1:7-8,1Jn 4:18,Gal 3:11)

He did not give us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. Perfect love cast out fear. The just shall live by faith. Dispel the darkness and dispel fear, obey the Lord and give what He lays on your heart, and believe you will receive, just as a farmer plants seeds expecting a great harvest, from season to season!

If we can be of service to you, please contact us. We love you and hope we have been a blessing to you. Thank you for joining us with your prayers, labor and financial support, as we blanket this city with His love, everywhere and in every way, for eternity.

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher

Ambassadors of Father’s Love