September Newsletter

Greetings Beloved!

Wow! So much to tell, so much has transpired since our last update to you. First and foremost, we give honor and glory to our Father, our King, and Lover of our soul. Secondly, we thank you who support us either in your prayers, encouragement, as ambassadors of Father’s Love or through your offerings. The ministry that we do is often not recognized as ministry at all. So we are very thankful that the fruit of our labors has been revealed to you and that you have responded, giving in some way to Hot Pursuit Ministries. With your support, we will continue to blanket our city and cities beyond with Father’s Love and witness the souls of men coming to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, a banner was flown over the beaches area, near
St. Augustine to Atlantic Beach and back into the city of Jacksonville. The banner, in red and black, read Father Loves, declaring this truth and inviting all to visit the website, where anyone could find their journey home to Father. There were many visits to the website to see and hear of His great love for all men. While taking shots of this banner flying overhead, the opportunities arose to share the love of God and to give out Father’s Love Letters on the beach. We encourage you to check out the pictures of the banner on the website.

At this writing, Barry Adams is ministering in several nations in Europe, seeing many open doors. He has reported incredible responses to the message of Father’s love and the airing of Father’s Love Letter into 38 nations through satellite from Norway. He has been in churches, on radio and television stations and the hunger to know this love is growing. Not only is it growing in other nations, we have noticed an increase right here in our midst. We are receiving invitations to share the message of Father’s love as it relates to fatherless issues in our state and in our nation. Here are but a few facts to share with you regarding the need and the hour in which we live.

  • Fatherlessness is the most significant family or social problem facing America
  • 85% of all youth who are in prison grew up in a fatherless home, 70% for all others in prison
  • Of the children born to married parents, half will experience their parent’s divorce
  • Three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent has been absent
  • 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes

There are many more statistics we could add to this list that deal with runaway children, homosexuality, teenage pregnancies, school performance, etc., however this should be enough to reveal to you some facts plaguing our society today and revealing the fact that we are living in a primarily fatherless nation. These types of statistics are not found in America alone, but are also in other nations. The need is great and the hour is upon us. He said He would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers. (Malachi 4: 5-6) For every need, a void is created, and that void will be filled… with what shall it be filled? For too long now we have seen man fill himself with what does not satisfy. Father is awakening the bride to the truth and giving opportunities for preparation to be the true bride of Christ. The world is in travail till the true sons and daughters are revealed. (Romans 8:22-23) Who will respond to the call of their lover? We are responding with the message of Father’s love through our own actions as well as spreading His love through the message in Father’s Love Letter. Doors continue to open for us to share this life-giving message. Local ambassadors of this message are increasing in number. It is especially rewarding to us to see this reproduction. We are extremely stretched with the responsibility also increasing upon us. We are growing beyond our one-room office and in need of more software, computers, printers and other office equipment!! These are good things, however with all this comes more paperwork and cost to do what we do. Because of this, we have a need for laborers to do secretarial duties and others to set up for presentations and still others as intercessors. Would you stand with us for these added financial needs to be met abundantly, as well as for intercessors and secretarial help? Perhaps you are one God is speaking to fulfill one of these needs. We trust and believe that to whomever He speaks, they will obey, doing whatever He lays on their heart.

Banner flown over beaches on Labor Day weekend - Your giving makes all of this possibleBill, sharing Father's heart at Evangel Temple for MAD DADS 9/16/2003

Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church will once again have Bethlehem Visit, with over 26,000 walking through the village at Christmas time, December 18th-20th. They are considering handing out a Christmas card, specially designed with Father’s Love Letter on the inside. Please pray for them as they seek the Lord’s direction for the format and quantity of Father’s Love Letters. There is a need for laborers, intercessors, finances, protection and safety, and responsible and dedicated oversight. And most importantly pray for the salvation of the many souls who witness this production. We believe this is an awesome outreach the Lord has entrusted to them for our city and we are blessed and honored to be a part in some way.

The mailing of Father’s Love Letter into gated communities has begun! Funds were sent to us by a local church to cover the cost of postage for half of our first mailing. We are grateful for their seed given for these many souls. If you have access to a directory for another secure community, desire to send the funds for postage to complete this mailing, or for the next one, or can address and stuff envelopes with FLL for any one of these outreaches, let us hear from you.

Acrylic containers were sent to New York City. These were designed with lids to house Father’s Love Letters and to be hung up around Ground Zero. We sent originals for duplication to several individuals and ministries in and around Manhattan. There are so many who live and visit there. Souls!!!

A Daily Billboard was given for the ministry. On November 1st, the Daily Billboard next to the stadium will have a message of Father’s Love and the web address, On the same day a banner with a similar message will fly over the tailgate parties for the Florida Vs. Georgia Football game at Alltell stadium. If you would like to give into this outreach, send us your best seed beforehand!

Please keep all the upcoming events for Hot Pursuit Ministries in your prayers, including the following:
Friday, October 3rd at Crossroads United Methodist & Friday, on November 7that the Jacksonville Landing… both for Youth Quake Live, on November 11th …for the Veteran’s Day Parade, entry and distribution of Father’s Love Letter to the crowd alongside the parade route, on November 15th …for THRIVE women’s simulcast event, on November 14th-16th …in Sebring, Florida for the ministry of James and Denise Jordan of Father Heart Ministries from New Zealand, with Jan and Sandra Rijnbeek, and on November 29th …entry in the Jacksonville Light Parade on the St. Johns River, Father Loves Jacksonville.
If you can join us or assist us in some way in these outreaches or other events, please contact us.

As a reminder: Father’s Love Letter resources are available through this ministry. The newest release of the devotional book & DVD are often requested. Also available: the CDs, videos, and posters. These are great Christmas gifts? The new gift book is doing so well; it is going into its second printing! Yeah God!!!

The responses from the testimonies in our last letter was overwhelming, we continue to add others onto the website. Please send your tax-deductible gifts and additional testimonies to us. They will reach and encourage others with the gospel. We love and appreciate you. Grace and peace to you as we blanket this city with His love, everywhere and in every way.

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher