November Newsletter

Greetings in the Blessed Name of Our Savior,

Our last few weeks have been filled with spreading the love of our Father here in Jacksonville!

In conjunction with MADDADS, we were able to participate in a couple of events: “Safe Kids Day,” declared by the city of Jacksonville as a remembrance of the murder of two young boys and their aunt. There were over 1,200 Father’s Love Letters distributed. On October 27th, at “I Took the Pledge Community Day”, over 1,500 youth, teachers, chaperones, pastors, and government officials were present for the pledge. Everyone who attended received a Father’s Love Letter. Once again, we were honored to meet with Columba Bush, Governor Jeb Bush’s wife, to give her the new Father’s Love Letter DVD and other material relating to fatherlessness. This will assist in reaching the hurting in our communities here in Florida. (Is. 61 He has sent us to comfort the broken hearted….)

On November 1st, the ‘Father Loves’ banner was flown over ALTELL Stadium for the Florida Georgia football classic; billed as the largest outdoor cocktail party in the United States, with over 86,000 attending. A one-hour message of Father’s love! What a witness! (The banner will fly from 11AM to 12 PM on December 7that ALTELL for the Jaguars vs. Patriots game.)

On November 5th, Youth Quake Live had their monthly outreach along the St. Johns River, at the Jacksonville Landing, packed with over 2,500 youth and their youth pastors. Father’s Love Letter resources were displayed along with fatherless statistics and how it has affected the United States and many nations.

On November 11th, the city of Jacksonville hosted a Veterans Day Parade. Thousands lined the streets as the parade, with over 100 entries, made up of marching bands, veterans, military vehicles, and more passed by. Provision was made to pass out over 3,000 specially designed Father’s Love Letters to the crowd and to Veterans organizations from here to Gainesville, homeless shelters, and nursing homes and nearby hospitals following the parade.

An evening with Jacksonville’s Mayor John Peyton on November 13th was an invitation to the local churches to come together in unity to assist him in making a better Jacksonville. This is but a beginning to seeing unity as a reality. There are several organizations God has brought to the forefront within our city for this purpose. One is First Coast Christian Outreach for Super Bowl 2005. We are co-laboring with them beginning with a Reconciliation Service to be held in Jacksonville in the beginning of 2004. This building of relationships with other pastors and leadership is a key element in reaching this city. Please pray our mayor has wisdom in seeking Godly counsel concerning this.

On November 14th, we were present and participated in THRIVE, a simulcast women’s conference with John Maxwell and many noted women speakers. It was held at UNF, the location of a local church, from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM, with hundreds attending. As men and women came by the booth throughout the day, many were touched with the love of the Father through the Father’s Love Letter. We were also able to pass this information to other churches and ministries represented that day. At the close of the conference, as the women were leaving, Father’s Love Letters were handed out. The simulcast reached about 47,000 throughout the United States. Oh that we could have been able to touch each one with this message of Father’s love!

We were unable to secure the use of a boat for the Lighted Boat Parade, therefore we did not enter; and hope to participate in this much-publicized event next year. The mail out into the gated communities of Jacksonville still continues. Each mail out requires a list of names and addresses (directory), envelopes, the printing and paper for FLL, the postage, return address labels, and addressing of each one! The remaining FLL for the Deerwood community, with 900 residences are stuffed and the envelopes addressed, awaiting the postage: a cost of $130. Contact us with your assistance for the completion of this outreach, new outreaches, and monthly support.

A Bethlehem Visit is December 18th, 19th, and the 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church. They welcome prayer warriors and other laborers on site every day. Please consider being a blessing at this outreach by praying, attending, bringing the unsaved, and giving financially. Specially designed Christmas cards with the Father’s Love Letter will be given out.

Father’s Love Letter Devotional Book is now in its third printing and available by contacting us. We also have the DVD, posters, VHS videos, and CDs for purchase. The sale of these products supports the work of this ministry and they minister life to others. These are great gift items!

We are in full time ministry into this city, this nation, and the world with the message of the Father’s Love for all humanity, in all walks of life. All that we do is unto the Lord with the financial and prayer support of you, His precious saints and fellow brothers and sisters. These outreaches and the ones to come from year-end and through 2004 will take place through every joint supplying. We thank you who have given into this ministry. Your seed of financial and prayer support is bearing much fruit and to your account as well!

We are going wherever He leads us to spread the love of the Father, everywhere and in every way.

Grace and Peace to You This Joyous Season! We Love You!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher

Ambassadors of Father’s Love