January Newsletter

Greetings Beloved and a Blessed 2004! May you prosper in God and be faithful to the call!

The year of 2003 passed by quickly, another sign that this is truly our last days. We continue to reach souls through Father’s love as never before and pray you are doing the same. We thank those of you, who have supported us along the way, financially, prayerfully, and physically. It has been very rewarding, as we have witnessed the hand of God, His grace and mercy, His extraordinary love and faithfulness to us, to our family and to those around us. We give praises to the Lord, Most High!

Since the birth of this ministry, nearly 5 years ago, we have sought the face of God for His purpose in all that we do. In 1993, He said to us, “You do not know what love is, but I am going to teach you and you will take it to the ends of the earth.” As we yielded to His work in us through many trials, through the fire of God offered to us daily, years of preparation and saturation in His presence, we began to see all people, including ourselves, most precious, as seen through the Father’s love. While ministering with the expression of love in our words and in actions toward men, we then found Father’s Love Letter, which is an exact expression of His love for all men. Following the direction of God for this ministry, we have continued to place this into the hands of others, so that they can also spread His love. The time is short and the field is ripe to harvest, everywhere we go. His love is a powerful force that humbles and compels us to go. As Jesus did, we choose to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

This unconditional love, grace and mercy does not excuse us, but does open the door to find Life, and The Way for all of us. This love will enable us to do what we otherwise could not do. Daily being in His presence, abiding in Father’s love gives us life, direction, and freedom from this world, while still living in it. We must come, come to the waters of life and drink freely!! (Is. 55:1) Thank God that He made a way for us. We could not do it for ourselves; that is why He came. He said, “In this world we would have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) In the death of our ways, we will find The Way! Only He will satisfy! This is something to shout about!“The joy of the Lord is our strength and our stronghold!” (Neh. 8:10) “The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy.” Joy is a precious commodity! Don’t be found without it! “With JOY shall you draw forth from the wells of salvation,” not with sorrow, worry, reason, doubt, and fear. (Is. 12:3) The church is in need of this revelation. When we have it, we can give it away! We must abide in the revelation knowledge of this finished work and rejoice in our trials for they work in us unswerving endurance. They are opportunities for the character of Christ to be formed in us. Fear Not…Look Not At The Situation…Magnify The Lord Over Every Situation!! (Ro. 5:3, Ro. 14:17, Pro. 3:3-7) The world is starving for acceptance and direction found only within our Father’s love. Knowing His love for us gives us purpose for our existence. There is no peace apart from the acceptance of this great love. You can’t give, what you don’t have. Could this be why His love is not shared with those around us and why the church and the world often look the same? God’s love for us, and our love for Him should compel us to tell others of His great love. This is Hot Pursuit Ministries! We encourage you to continue to seek Him through resting in His great love.

We now humbly report to you of the fruit of your prayers and financial support to the ministry of
Hot Pursuit Ministries, for the year of 2003. The message of Father’s love was spread through various forms of this ministry. We gave out over 45,000 Father’s Love Letters (FLL) through personal contact and ministerial outreaches, and through the media, and virtually everywhere! The majority of these were distributed in English, thousands more were sent from here in Jacksonville, into over twenty nations, in the languages of those nations. There were aerial banners flown over the beaches & Alltel Stadium, and also billboards displayed the message of Father’s Love. The website continues to have visitors from all over the world. Many Father’s Love Letter originals were sent to individuals, ministries, churches, and many others to continue spreading Father’s love; this includes our outreach with Father’s Love Letters into New York City at Ground Zero. Specially designed cards, with the message of Father’s love, were also distributed for Christmas & other holidays through out the year. There is virtually no limit to His love and where, to who, or how to share this love!

From these many distributions, we continue to receive calls and emails as lives are being set free and transformed by the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These individuals are also grateful for your support of this ministry. They will never be the same!

First Outreach For 2004: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade was held January 19th, despite the rain! The two miles long parade route winded through downtown Jacksonville and past several buildings under construction, as the city prepares for the Super Bowl held here next year. The message “Father Loves You” and the web address, were printed on the banner, on the signs on the truck, and on the 1,500 pieces of candy and favors that were given out that day. Bouncing balls, small Frisbees, giant yellow, smiley face beach balls, and red nerf footballs were tossed to the crowds. Almost 3,000 Father’s Love Letters were given out to the crowds lining the parade route. (Last year we gave out 1,100 FLL and ran out long before the parade ended.)
Due to the rain, many of the spectators were under overhangs instead of along the sidewalks; so it appeared that there were fewer spectators than the year before. Because there were many at a distance from us, we had to pursue them through the many puddles!! The laborers made up several local churches, including one pastor and his wife and another ministry who joined us. Members of the MADDADS organization, who were in the parade somewhere behind us, also gave out Father’s Love Letters. As we got soaked from head to toe, including the FLL from time to time, we thought how this was nothing compared to the journey Jesus took in our place!
This year we ran out of candy and favors and had extra FLL. We know that if the weather had been clear and sunny, like last year, we probably would have run out of FLL again. So next year we will be prepared for that. We are learning as we go and enjoying it as well. The construction workers, the business men and women, the police who guided the parade, the government workers, the waiters and waitresses, restaurant owners, bus drivers, bands, clowns, ROTC, and all we passed by or who passed by us were very receptive to Father’s Love Letter.
At the end of the parade, we were able to give FLL to many of the entrants of the parade. In one of the military units, there was one young man, while in formation, who put his arm behind his back, so that a Father’s Love Letter could be placed in his hand!! This was one of many we will never forget!! And though getting dry and warm was important at the time, the laborers are ready for the next parade!!!!!!!! Many people from different professions were touched with the message of Father’s Love that day.

As our borders enlarge, we continue to trust God, living by faith, as He sends us laborers and the finances through various means to do what He sent us to do. We are in full time ministry to the call upon our lives and hopefully we have been faithful to share with you the fruit of your seed sown. In the future, as we are stretched beyond reasoning, faithful and obedient, we will eat the good of the land! In many different ways, we assist in reaching this community and others throughout the world through the knowledge and acceptance of the love of God. Some upcoming outreaches and other planned events:

  • Media outreaches through various publications, billboards, radio, TV, aerial banners, & websites.
  • As guest speakers to share Father’s love at churches, conferences, and other outlets.
  • Attendance at Youth Quake Live and other youth events to share Father’s love.
  • A decorated float in the “Opening of the Beaches Parade” and other parades with FLL.
  • Father’s Love Letter for the women attending Beauty for Ashes held in St. Augustine in April.
  • Father’s Love Forum in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada in May.
  • Hosting Barry Adams of Father Heart Communications as he returns to Jacksonville.
  • Approximately 1,500 to 2,000 FLL printed and distributed every month, just in Jacksonville.

Ministry expenses primarily consist of the cost of outreaches (duplicating Father’s Love Letter and other materials, website maintenance with software upgrades, & video/audio production) and general operating expenses. We are in full time ministry, first unto God and into our community.

Please join us prayerfully and financially, as we blanket the earth with His great love, everywhere, in every way.

* Father’s Love Letter VHS tapes, DVD, CD, Devotional Book, and posters are available by calling or going to the website.

** Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ” will be in theatres on February 25.)

Bethlehem VisitAbout 5,000 Father’s Love Letters were given out at Bethlehem Visit, held at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church. The church bulletin for the Christmas service also contained the FLL. This is but one of the ways our Father’s Love is spread. Working together as the body of Christ, we can reach our cities.

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher