April Events Report

The Opening of the Beaches Parade brought thousands to the beach. Once again, we entered a float and gave out thousands of Father’s Love Letters, printed in various formats, along the parade route. It can really get hot out there, so one of the favorites is the fan, with the FLL text printed on one side and the hands on the other side with a paddle stick attached to each one. Thousands of pieces of candies, imprinted with the web address, were given out as well. Throughout the parade, hundreds of beach balls, large and small, were given too. Last week one of the calls we received came from someone who had gotten one of the fans, which we had given out at the Beaches parade. She had been involved in Wicca and this letter had ministered to her greatly. Nothing is impossible with God! Sharing the love of God is contagious and radically fun! We continue to receive calls from the newspaper ads from last year and the year before! One of our more recent calls came in from a 90-year-old woman of God. She told us of her being in an Intensive Care Unit for weeks and how she had stopped breathing several times. Now she is living in an assisted care facility and knew her life was far from over, God had reason for her to still be here. She had read FLL we had placed in the newspaper, jotted down the phone number, found it, and called us for a smaller version and other formats to distribute to everyone in her address book. She told us how almost everyone there in her new residence are near death and they would all need a Father’s Love Letter too. We were so delighted to meet her and take materials to her. She has already mailed every letter we took to her and has begun making more copies for everyone else she meets! There are several outreaches planned in conjunction with other ministries in the city. FLL will be given out at these events and we are also coordinating the printing of at least 200,000 FLL for distribution for the Super Bowl 2005, being held here in Jacksonville. We are looking forward to billboards, banners to fly overhead and many other ways of distributing the message of Father’s Love to all who live in and visit our city.