December Newsletter

Greetings Beloved Friends, Saints, Partners,

Praise to God, Who is worthy to be praised! To God be the glory for the things He has done!

Many of you know of Bill’s surgery for total hip replacement in September. The report is good!! He went into surgery, covered in prayer by many of you and beginning with prayer by the doctor performing the surgery! After a brief hospital stay, physical therapy, some strict orders, and continued prayer, we are on the road to complete recovery. God is faithful and the healing process continues, even as Bill is back at work. Thank you for praying!

While going through this time of healing, we took advantage of visiting family and old friends along with enjoying some beautiful weather, in southern California . Ministry continued throughout the trip, mainly through the use of Father’s Love Letter ! Every flight attendant and the crew received one on each flight, other travelers, family, friends, waiters, store clerks, and everywhere. The mission field is the world. Even as believers, all need to be reminded of Daddy’s great love for us. This world continues to tell us otherwise and we must continue to reemphasize truth, encouraging one another with the hope that lies within.

To assist you in ministering to your family, friends, neighbors and others, Father’s Love Letter , with contact information for the Jacksonville area, is available through this ministry. It can be attained by contacting us directly or downloading from the local website. Orders for the FLL CDs, DVDs, posters, VHS tapes and the Father’s Love Letter Devotional Book are received there also ( or ) If you prefer to use a credit card for your offerings and product orders, these are taken through the Pay Pal account at that website and checks are taken through the postal service, received here at the office. There is also a free download for the PowerPoint presentation; this is an excellent resource for pastors and leaders. The Come To The Waters CD is available online as well. This is the anointed, instrumental background music intended to be heard with the presentation.

Deborah went to the National Day of Prayer (NDP) Conference in Colorado Springs , Colorado , at Focus on the Family, with James and Shirley Dobson. It was an encouragement and confirmation to us all to pray as never before. We must be encouragers, praying for all people, for all leaders, all nations, fervently and continually, beyond all elections and the appointments of judges and other leading positions in our government. Hot Pursuit Ministries International will be assisting the NDP team, here in the Jacksonville area, to bring awareness of the various ministries within our community and to encourage their involvement and need for ongoing prayer.

There is a spiritual battle going on for the souls of men. Families and marriages are under attack. The enemy seeks to divide us, to conquer us, if we yield to the pressure against us, instead of yielding ourselves to God and resting in His great love. Abiding in the One, Who has conquered our enemy, keeps us in a place of safety. Compromising His statutes to reach a solution will only bring more devastation upon us. We must find the place where we yield our opinions, our hurts, and our emotions and humble ourselves before Him to accomplish His purpose for us on the earth. We must stay focused on the One and show grace and mercy, along with love and humility, allowing God to do what we cannot do. He is faithful! “Mercy is obtained when we give it.” “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” Romans 11:30-31, James 2:13, Titus 3:4-8, Jude 20-23, 1 John 3&4

There are many outreaches planned throughout the city, the week leading up to Super Bowl, of which we are involved; and Father’s Love Letter is being considered as the ministry tool for various outreaches:

Super March For Jesus, Saturday, January 29 th (Friday, Jan. 28 th , prayer walk around Alltel Stadium and along the route of the march.) Please consider joining us and other believers. (724-3315)

Jacksonville Convoy of Hope on Saturday, February 5 th at Brentwood Park , is a city-wide outreach to the physical and spiritual needs of hurting people. For additional information for you or your church to be involved, call 904-781-9393. Many volunteers are needed.

The STAND Rally was moved to February 26 th , Saturday, at 10 AM at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena. This is a sexual abstinence rally. The Father’s Love Letter card will be given to all students, an estimated 14,000 are hoped to attend the rally. The video of Father’s Love Letter ( FLL ) will be shown along with a brief message, presented by Shiloh Place Ministries, on Father’s love. There are many volunteers and funding needed for this event and funding towards the printing of Father’s Love Letter . Contact us with your support and other concerns for this event. Additional info at www.StandTrue/Jacksonville.asp

A door of opportunity has opened to place Father’s Love Letter into Alltel Stadium for the Super Bowl . The printers are ready to go. Due to the size of the print order and this being the end of the year, a short time frame exists for the job to be done. So the printers have asked us to move as soon as possible!

The American Tract Society (ATS) is now printing Father’s Love Letter as an offered tract and in color. The color version, taken from the Devotional Book, is the most ideal to use for this outreach. Barry Adams, the author of FLL , spoke with ATS about this open door here in Jacksonville and told them we would need no less than 130,000 for outreaches that week, including at Alltel. They want to help make this happen. They are looking for sponsors for the $11,375 cost of printing 130,000, in color, printing the local follow-up information, cutting to tract size, quarter folding, packaging into 100’s, and shipping. Sponsors that are related to the American Tract Society should cover some of this cost. However, the best rate we were quoted was given by one of the printers here in Jacksonville . The printing of the color version with the folding will be about $9,500. We must move as soon as possible for the best rate because of the demand of orders being done during this season. Father is faithful and will provide through the resources He is pouring out. We know it will come together in His time and through those He has spoken to.

Keep in mind, that though we live here in Jacksonville , the majority of those who will be going to the Super Bowl are from all over this nation and other places around the world. This is a mission field that all, in some way, can participate in. Our goal is to see increase to the kingdom of God and bring glory to Him! Souls!

Please join us in prayer concerning the many souls who will be receiving Father’s Love Letter  and for the provision needed to have the printing completed. This is a great opportunity for the body of Christ, here in Jacksonville , to bring healing to the hurting and broken hearted, to give direction and identity to those who are lost, and to add souls to the kingdom of God . Any relationships you might have with ministers, churches, businesses, relatives, neighbors, and others that would be interested in sowing seed into this outreach will be blessed beyond measure! Father has shown a way for many to know of His great love!

You, our friends and partners support this ministry. We thank God for every remembrance of you, for believing in what we do and for standing with us in prayer and financial gifts. Please consider closing out this year with giving into the work of this ministry. We love you and are praying for you and your families. Call for prayer!

Snuggle, Don’t Struggle …Enjoy What His Hands Have Made…Rest In His Extravagant Love For You!!!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher

“Go Into All The World and Tell Them Of His Great Love!”

“Have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Prosperous New Year!!”