March Newsletter

Greetings Beloved Friends, Family, and Partners!

There have been many opportunities right here in Jacksonville to share the much-needed message of Father’s extravagant love through our favorite tool, Father’s Love Letter!

Look what the Lord has done: The entire week of Super Bowl and following throughout the month, thousands of Father’s Love Letters were given out on the streets and at various events.

  • The ‘Super March for Jesus’ parade was held on the streets of downtown Jacksonville on January 29th with Father’s Love Letter as the major evangelism tool along the route. The parade was featured on the front page of the Sports section in the New York Times and also on the front page of our Metro section. We were able to witness with Father’s Love Letter to many of the media, event staff personnel, set-up crews and NFL staff along the river, as the march was finishing up. Through the various forms of media, the NFL referred to this as being the first faith based Super Bowl and mentioned their desire to see this continue! This parade was a great spiritual preparation for Super Bowl week.
  • Teen Challenge of Jacksonville, joined with us in distributing over 6,000 of the American Tract Society’s Father’s Love Letter tract. These were given out around the perimeter, of the NFL sponsored Convoy of Hope event. As the day ended, they took all that we gave them and went down along the river, where the crowds were for Super Bowl, and more FLL tracts were given out there. The FLL post cards, which feature a color photo of the Jacksonville skyline, that Abba printing does for us, was also taken along the riverbank. People were eager to receive these cards as they looked like a souvenir of Jacksonville, however they received a better souvenir than some might have expected!
  • Another 3,000 FLL were distributed at a Prayer Breakfast for pastors and leaders. There were about 600 attending, some taking hundreds back with them to give out at their churches and at outreaches.
  • The following week, the Father’s Love Letter text was printed over the background of the large and small hand, onto parchment, then rolled and tied with ribbon and given out at a wedding.
  • On February 26th the STAND rally was held at the Jacksonville Arena.  STAND, Students Taking A New Direction, is an evangelistic, faith based, sexual abstinence event. This was the third rally where the Father’s Love Letter video was played and the first time that a Father’s Love Letter was given to all, 8,000 were distributed. Youth and youth pastors stopped by our booth. The responses were of astonishment or confirmation of the fatherless statistics. One pastor told us that of the 37 who came on the bus to STAND, only 5 students live with their biological father or have a father figure in their life.
  • February was what many call the “love” month, and we have many other reports of the use of the FLL video, audio and text distributions through ministries and individuals at weddings, funerals, nursing homes, prayer groups, churches and women’s prisons.

More recently:

We went to the Beauty for Ashes planning meeting to take Father’s Love Letters, in English and Swahili, for the women’s conference that will be taking place in Kenya in mid April. Heaven’s Key Ministries International has been imparting the healing of Father’s love to battered and abused women, faithfully, for several years here in the First Coast area. F LL has been one of the tools in bringing hope and healing to these many women. Now they will be taking this message to another nation! Yeah God!

The Father’s Love Letter video was played at Lowell Correctional Institute; this is a faith-based women’s prison in the state of Florida. There were reports of deep encounters that the women had with their Heavenly Father.

New ambassador, FLL mail carrier, Connie, took several hundred Father’s Love Letters with her to England. She came back a few weeks later, so excited about her adventure distributing these letters of love!! She left them everywhere! At her return, to where she had placed them, they needed to be replenished! She had a blast! Her purse remains a mailbag, here in the USA! She said, “This can be addicting!” Souls! Souls! Souls!

Over 100 Father’s Love Letters were stuffed into postage paid envelopes and mailed back to the insurance, credit card, or other business, which had sent them to our home. What a joy that was!

These are but a few of the countless testimonies of His love at work in us and through us, as well as others! There is so much more to tell! His heart beats with compassion for His little ones. Who can resist so great a love? Yeah God, for His great love!

Virtually there is no end in sight, nor should there be! Father’s Love Letters can be shared in many ways; some have been mentioned here. Perhaps you have testimonies you can share with us. Let us hear from you!

American Tract Society is now in its second printing of Father’s Love Letter, available at local Christian stores.  Another color version is available online at the web site. We offer the DVD, VHS tapes, CD, posters, and Devotional Books for your donations of the suggested retail price. Take advantage of this opportunity, to sow into this ministry, and reach out to others with this transforming message.

Upcoming events where you can participate prayerfully, financially, or by joining us and other ambassadors:

April Edition of Charisma Magazine with article entitled, A Letter From Heaven. Read the article on Father’s Love Letter and its effects on many lives around the world, mentioning Hot Pursuit Ministries International.

April 24th, The Opening of the Beaches Parade, starting off at 2 PM. WE NEED YOU to gather between 1PM and 2PM to receive material to hand out and for instruction and prayer. Come walk with other ambassadors of Father’s Love, behind the banner, and hand out Father’s Love Letters and other items, with great joy!

May 1-8th, Father’s Love Forum is in Pasadena, California this year. THERE ARE TRAVEL EXPENSES AND PRAYER COVERING ASSOCIATED WITH THIS TRIP.

May 5th, National Day of Prayer, Latham Plaza, behind the Jacksonville Beach City Hall from 6PM-8PM. Children’s Prayer stations and Ministry Tables are new features from 4PM-6PM. As the ministry coordinator, we request help in set up and also coverage of the Hot Pursuit Ministries table. CONTACT IMMEDIATELY!!

May 20th, The Baccalaureate Service for a local high school that is distributing Father’s Love Letter to graduates, faculty, and guests!! A Baccalaureate Service is an excellent place in which to give students the word of God found within Father’s Love Letter. (PRAY AND MAKE THIS SUGGESTION FOR OTHER SCHOOLS.)

Date TBA for Ministry of Father’s Love in Orange Park at local church to youth group. (April or May) PRAYER

Date TBA for Detroit, Michigan outreach. (Late May or June) Ministering the message of Father’s Love at a local church and outreach preparation for Super Bowl 2006. TRAVEL EXPENSES AND PRAYER FOR THIS TRIP.


Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. Together we can blanket the earth with His Love, everywhere and in every way. Let us hear from you! We Love You!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher