Upcoming Events in May

April Edition of Charisma Magazine with article entitled, A Letter From Heaven. Read the article on Father’s Love Letter and its effects on many lives around the world. This includes the ministry through Bill and Deborah Fisher of Hot Pursuit Ministries International, right here in Jacksonville and the First Coast area. Pick up your April Charisma at local Christian bookstores.

April 24th, The Opening of the Beaches Parade, starting off at 2 PM. WE NEED YOU to gather between 1PM and 2PM to receive material to hand out and for instruction and prayer. Come walk with other ambassadors of Father’s Love, behind the Hot Pursuit Ministries banner, and hand out Father’s Love Letters and other items, with great joy!

May 5th, National Day of Prayer, Latham Plaza, behind the Jacksonville Beach City Hall from 6PM-8PM. Children’s Prayer stations and Ministry Tables are new features from 4PM-6PM. As the ministry coordinator, we request help in set up and also coverage of the Hot Pursuit Ministries table. CONTACT IMMEDIATELY! (Freedom Rally for youth and young adults is also added for National Day of Prayer on Wednesday night at the Jacksonville Landing. This is for the entire First Coast area.) and

May 20th, The Baccalaureate Service for a local high school that is distributing Father’s Love Letter to graduates, faculty, and guests!! A Baccalaureate Service is an excellent place in which to give students the word of God found within Father’s Love Letter. (PRAY FOR THE STUDENTS AND MAKE THIS SUGGESTION FOR OTHER SCHOOLS OUR AREA.)

Date TBA for Ministry of Father’s Love in Orange Park at local church to youth group. (April or May) PRAYER

Date TBA for Detroit, Michigan outreach. (Late May or June) Ministering the message of Father’s Love at a local church and outreach preparation for Super Bowl 2006. TRAVEL EXPENSES AND PRAYER FOR THIS TRIP.