Upcoming Events/Outreaches

July 21, 2005 Mission Main Street is from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM , from 1st Street to the Trout River Bridge along Main Street there will be hundreds of fun, loving, Christians anxiously waiting to share the Love of God.  Churches, students, families, friends, and faith-based organizations are mobilizing to serve from 100-200 stations along Main Street . Remember that this is not just a youth event. This is a church wide event and we would love to have a group from every ministry in your church. We will be promoting Good Will, Good Deeds and the Good News to the community of Jacksonville.

HELP IS NEEDED! Please pray and see what the Lord would have you do. There are a number of ways your church can be involved. You can set up a card table and chairs and hand out bottled water, Bibles, clothes, food and drinks. You can grill out and BBQ some hot-dogs to hand out. You can set up a craft station for the kids to enjoy. We also would like to collect 5,000 canned goods this year. You can donate financially to help with supplies and above all else you can pray. Pray for good weather, pray for God’s anointing and presence. Pray that people will come into a relationship with our loving Lord. Get your church involved by bringing a group to help in this special ministry in the city of Jacksonville . Plus, after the event is all over, we know you will all be starving not only for God’s presence but also for food. There will be a pizza party and concert immediately following at Oceanway Assembly of God . The pizza will cost $3.00 per person but best of all, the concert is FREE! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Please be encouraged to purchase a T-shirt for $8.00 to display a unified effort.

This is a great way for the church to serve in our own backyard. Many times missions is perceived as an overseas project and we can forget our own Jerusalem. The ‘Word’ says Jerusalem first, then Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. It would be very sad to loose our Jerusalem. For info or joining in, call (904) 765-5502 or email

The ambassadors are increasing! It’s contagious!

A Gathering of Ambassadors of Father’s Love
Will be held on Monday, July 25, 2005

from 6 PM to 9 PM at Perkins Restaurant
14471 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Florida 32250
(Located between the Intracoastal Waterway and San Pablo Road)
You are invited to join us for the sharing of testimonies of Father’s love.
The vision will be imparted to strategically blanket the First Coast
with His amazing love.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Please keep this gathering and this ministry in your prayers and tell others
to join us in this great adventure.
From 6 PM to 6:45 PM Fellowship with those who choose to dine at Perkins
7 PM Imparting of Vision and Testimonies
8:45 PM Closing
Restaurant closes at 9 PM
(Dessert and coffee will be provided during time of testimonies.)

August 7, 2005:

For Gay Pride Day, some local area ministries and churches are setting up a booth, to reach out with the love of God. Popsicles along with Father’s Love Letters are being distributed to the participants, with the message of God’s extravagant love. Attendance is expected to reach in excess of 10,000.

The following statistic confirms the need for Father’s love among the homosexuals.

“I have worked with thousands of homosexuals. I have never seen a homosexual who had a loving, respectful relationship with his father.”

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Author “A Parents Guide To Preventing Homosexuality.” Preventing Homosexuality, Focus On The Family Radio Broadcast April 2003

Looking forward to this outreach, Hot Pursuit Ministries, International, is requesting prayer and financial support for the printing of Father’s Love Letters, specially designed for this outreach.

Before making any comments or judgments, please read the following account, which took place at an earlier date.

“I just heard a show on Focus on the Family that jarred memories, and I have to write this. Please read it and forward it on to your Christian friends.”

I have a friend who is wild and crazy, but in a good way. She is passionately in love with Jesus, and has a heart for souls like no one else I know. Her brother is in a gay lifestyle. Many months ago he told her of a friend of his who was dying of AIDS. She had to meet this friend and pray for him, and tell him about Jesus. Her brother goes to the gay bar just about every night, and was getting ready to go at the time. “Well, if you want to meet him” he said, “He’ll be at the bar tonight.” She was determined to go and, needing another Christian to go with her, drafted me.

“You are the only one I know who might go with me, and it might be his only chance to hear the gospel,” she said. So, more than a little nervous, I went. I am quite secure in my manhood, but I had seen a show on TV as a kid that showed a gay bathhouse with men groping and humping each other, I thought I knew what to expect; we were walking into Sodom and Gomorrah . What I found was not what I expected; no groping, just people sitting around, some dancing. I had expected a spirit of lust and perversion to be oozing from every corner; what I found was an overwhelming spirit of loneliness, and despair, it was so thick you could almost touch it.

The man we came to see wasn’t there, so we left. We went out to her car and for the longest time we wept like babies over the precious souls inside that bar. And I weep now as I am writing this.

And I wept for the Church, because they don’t really care. By and large we sit back and do nothing while this precious group of hurting people die and go to hell. We condemn them from our pulpits, and oppose them politically, but when is the last time you heard of a major evangelistic outreach to them, or a prayer movement seeking the face of God for their salvation? We hold big rallies, and organize to “preserve the sanctity of marriage.” But if we put just 1/2 that effort into praying for homosexuals to come to Christ, and reaching out to them in love (Not condemnation, for it’s the goodness of God that draws men to repentance. Romans 2:4) so many would get saved and set free; we might not even need to worry about gay marriage.

The Father said to Jesus, “Ask of me, and I will give the nations as your inheritance.” We are joint heirs with Him, we can ask for the souls of men. The Bible says, “The Spirit and the bride say come.” (Rev. 22:17) The bride needs to bid them come! (Only a true bride can do so.)

(I remember a story here in Jacksonville many years ago. An elderly lady was tied to a chair and left by her "caregivers." When they found her several days later she had eaten the stuffing out of the chair. When people are hungry enough they will eat anything. Another similar story, taken from a scene in a book I read, where a man described a Nazi prison camp, and all the starving prisoners were desperately attacking a truck of filthy scraps.)

I picture desperate souls hungry for whatever love they can find gathered around the devil’s truck, eating his scraps, getting ever more hungry. (Many are hungry and filling up with counterfeits, that do not fulfill the longing inside. We were all made to be loved and to give love, to be accepted and affirmed. And unless we accept that love for ourselves, we can’t give it away, to bring healing to others.)

Several years ago Christians started focusing prayer efforts on what’s called the 10/40 window (mostly Muslim nations); what happened was miraculous. News came out about miraculous conversions, God reaching people in ways only He could. Today revival is hitting in parts of the Muslim world, something that seemed impossible a few years ago.

So lets do the same for the gay community. If this letter has pricked your heart, repent and pray for their salvation, consider setting aside “Gay Pride Day” as a day of prayer and fasting for the salvation of the homosexual community, and pass the idea on to others.

Be blessed!

August 7, 2005:

TransNet America or Transformational Networks

From 2 PM to 6 PM , at the City Rescue Mission chapel on 426 S. Mc Duff Avenue , Jacksonville , Florida 32254 , (904) 387-4357

Speaker George Otis, Jr., creator of the Transformation Videos, seeing the Kingdom of God manifested in our communities. The newest transformation video will be released in October 2005.

To volunteer or for additional information, contact Father Peter Church