Veteran’s Day Parade

Thousands of Father’s Love Letters designed for Veteran’s Day will be handed out to the crowds gathered for the Veteran’s Day Parade. The parade route begins in front of The Prime Osborne Convention Center proceeding down Water Street along Bay Street to Altell Stadium. There will be opportunities to pray with others and to share the gospel through your witness and the distribution of Father’s Love Letters.

All fellow believers are invited to join us in this weekend’s outreach to our veterans and to those gathered to watch the parade. Around 20,000 spectators are expected with over 90 entrants participating in this year’s parade. You can bring additional small candies for the children and additional Father’s Love Letter for Veteran’s Day if you like. These can be downloaded on this site at the Resource Page.  This is a two-sided document, which is folded into a card. Come prayed up and enjoy the fellowship!

If interested in being a part of this outreach, meet in the parking lot at New Life Christian Fellowship, 2701 Hodges Blvd., Jacksonville, 32224, Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, followed by some prayer and directives, leaving by 9 AM. The parade starts off at 11:01 AM. Street closings are at 10 AM. This should leave us enough travel time, before streets close and to park and get to the crowds that are gathering. If meeting downtown, please call 249-3368 for directions where to meet up with us.