Boxes of Love

 Boxes of love 003 These boxes are packed and distriBoxes of love 004buted the week of November the 11th, as an outreach overseen by Here’s Life Inner City, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. This year there will be 3,500 boxes taken throughout the community to those who would otherwise not receive this special meal. Approximately 3,500 Father’s Love Letters, printed and folded will be placed in the boxes, there at the warehouse, before the packing begins. Last year, it was so much fun to go and be a part of filling the boxes and praying over every box before it is sent out. Yeah God! Lives are transformed for eternity. Again this year, another 2,000 of FLL will be sent to other ministries who give out food for Thanksgiving and to the homeless. In addition, Youth Quake Live and other planned youth outreaches require more than 2,000 Father’s Love Letters.

The Father’s Love Letter supply has been depleted due to the continual outreach that is done on a daily basis. There is virtually never a place these cannot be taken. Father is melting the most resistant hearts with His love.

Contact Bill and Deborah Fisher at Hot Pursuit Ministries International to support these outreaches and the printing of Father’s Love Letters. PayPal is one way you can give and found on this web site.

Contact Ben Goldsmith with Here’s Life Inner City, found on this web site, to support the ministry of Boxes of Love, here in Jacksonville; opportunities to support them through giving financially, prayerfully, on packing day and distribution of the boxes with training done in advance.