Jesus Fest 09

Here are areas where you can contribute your time and talents:
1) Christian Counselors, prayer counselors and Pastoral Counselors for women and children
2) Attorneys and paralegals
3) IT Techs (office equipment set-up and computer maintenance)
4) Public Relations (Distributors of advertising materials and media distribution)
5) Christian journalists and photographers
6) Marketing Reps
7) Advocates
8) Drivers and Transporters (transportation)
9) Food Bank ( Emergency supply organizers)
10) Childcare (services and assistance)
11) Christian Youth Mentors (adolescence)
12) Equipment Sound Technicians (Sound and Music)
13) Event Stage Workers (Set-up and breakdown)
14) Musicians, Praise and Worship Leaders, Vocalist
15) Evangelistic Team Leaders
16) Flags and Banners Team
17) Dancers
18) Drama Skits
19) Intercessors and Prayer Groups
20) Altar and Prayer counselors
21) Security staff
22) Moving and Driving
23) Sales and Donations
24) Hospitality
25) Greeters and Ushers
26) First Aid Area

Contact or 821-0709 or