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His Warehouse-The Christian Nightclub

A Friday Night ministry to the city with test dates this fall, Grand Opening in January!

“His Warehouse,” another component of Words to Works Ministry, can best be described as a Christian nightclub, an urban lab to the city with ‘you’ as the minister on a One day mission trip, right here in Jacksonville. The musical people can perform,the extroverts can talk to the community, the magicians and comedians can perform, the servants can serve, and the gamers can show their skill; all at and through His Warehouse.

Come with your gifts, talents, abilities, and a servant’s heart to hang out and share Christianity,to help the poor, to love on inner city youth and adults.

Any Size Group of Musicians, Bands, Rappers, Artists, Puppets, Drama Teams are Welcome!

Available for any size church, youth group, Sunday school class or family group. The trip includes overnight housing, meals, T-shirts, and a hands-on experience with the community and needs of Jacksonville.

Schedule: Groups interning with “His Warehouse” arrive Friday by 6:00 PM and assist with His Warehouse till it closes around midnight. Groups then stay at on-site facility with 170 beds and a kitchen. Saturday, assist with community projects, with many service project options.

COST: Sign up by the end of December, for a weekend trip, for a cost of $39.00 per person. Cost  covers lodging and meals for the weekend.

For more information, call Jeremiah at 904-742-6432 or Pastor Nick at 904-742-6425 or Email