Soaking Rest in St. Augustine

Soaking For Women Only

SaturdaySoakingAbidingPresence, November 14 From 11:00 – 12:30 PM

Co-facilitated, this time, with Him is Anita Hyde and Deborah Fisher 

Held In The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village at Sharon Spaulding’s Home

The pleasure of your company is requested by Holy Spirit, Jesus, God your Father and us for a time to clear the clutter from your mind and allow Him to speak things only He can say.

For understanding of soaking, read the analogy posted below!

Follow the leading of Holy Spirit for YOUR appointment this weekend…Maybe Soaking is for you!

Please Reply If Joining Us, To Receive Directions and Other Information, to,,

Artwork used by permission,

A Personal Analogy of Soaking, Resting, Snuggling!

Stressed?….Dry?….Obey Your Thirst!….and Soak, whenever you can! Continued soaking causes us to become bendable, succulent, full of life giving water, receptacles for others to drink and pliable in His arms!
All plants need water! We are the planting of the Lord, trees planted by the river’s edge.
When plants have not had water in a while, the soil is so dry, that water runs off; left without water, the plant will eventually perish. And He wills that none of us should perish!
The remedy most gardeners use to restore the plant is submersion! Our Father is ‘the’ Gardener; I believe He is the best, even at times of pruning! We are pruned when we do and pruned when we don’t!!! But back to soaking!
The plant is placed under water, by holding the plant down into a container of water. I don’t know about you, but angels have been instructed to hold me down on a number of occasions! I have learned to yield, humbling myself for the Gardener’s touch and allow Him to work His way in me. Personally and through much experience, I believe that the container He uses is a wine vat full of Glory! He  knows what is best for us and moves us from glory to glory! Side Note: The substance of glory is LOVE!
When under the water, the plant releases bubbles of air, that come to the surface. As the soil receives more and more of the water, it becomes weighty and heavy and eventually sinks and any debris that remains and did not receive water, floats away! Interesting huh? When we yield, we receive His weightiness; He is love. Also, as people, we tend to get a bit puffed up too and need to release some of that hot air from time to time!
The soaking, displaces the dryness, thereby receiving the necessary nutrient of water for life!!! Our body is made up of 98% water and requires it for life!
There are all kinds of life giving nutrients found in times of soaking….come sink deeper into Daddy’s heart and allow Him to complete your sentences, show you a new way of looking at things and the people He loves, including you and allow Him to fill every empty and hurt place in you with Himself! Allow Him to fulfill every love need! You will never be the same!

Father’s Blessings!

Deborah Fisher

Daddy’s Little Girl