‘Circus’ Father’s Love Letter


A specially designed Father’s Love Letter is now available for download, for you to give out at the circus! The circus is in town this week from January 21-24, 2010.

Whether to those attending the circus, or to those who work at the arena, or to those who are performers with the circus, these are a great tool to give.

Free download of this two-sided, quarter-folded card is available on the Resource Page, under events. Simply download the outside version (FLL Circus) along with the inside (the actual Father’s Love Letter). Print them as a two-sided document, onto nice quality paper, and quarter-fold into a card for distribution whenever you go to the circus! Follow these same instruction for any version you desire. The inside document is available in black and white and in color.

For further information on the different versions of Father’s Love Letter, for ministry on various topics of Father’s love, or other available resources, contact Deborah Fisher at