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February 25th Testimonies:

University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
We met on the University of North Florida Campus in a huge auditorium classroom. There were over 50 students and all of our campus ministries were represented. It was AMAZING. All denominations came too! We prayed for our generation to have an awakening and our campus to have an awakening and a revival. We all sang praise and worshiped together. We had already planned this worship night thing and then found out it was Collegiate Day of Prayer. So we all came together to pray as a whole body of Christ on campus.

Johanna, The University of Texas

We had people praying in front of our main tower for 24 hours on that Thursday, from many different ministries. Sometimes there were only 2 people, sometimes there were groups of 30 people. From 5-7pm we had a prayer walk and I heard that about 50 people from many different ministries joined together for this. Also, in the evening, one of the ministries on campus had an event called "Not For Sale" about human trafficking and they said 32 people gave their lives to the Lord. From 10pm to midnight, probably about a hundred students gathered in the middle of campus to worship God and cry out to him in prayer according to II Chronicles 7:14. It was beautiful and encouraging. Only God knows all that really happened this night. To continue what happened, we have been worshipping at the main tower every other Tuesday.

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