Restored to the Father

Restored to innocence again!

Through acceptance of Jesus, the way to the Father is reconciled and we become little children….A Family!

When reformation takes place, we witness more of the Bible coming to life in every day life and God’s people return to their first love. A fresh baptism of love is growing! Yay, God!


Fire & Glory in Jax

Dan Duke of Fire and Glory Ministries

Friday, May 14th at 7:30 PM and Saturday, May 15th at 10 AM

Along the Riverwalk, Downtown Jacksonville


1515 Prudential Drive, Building 600,

Jacksonville, Fl 32207 (904) 710-9099


Dan Duke, shown here with his wife Marti, is one of those […]

Worship Conference


Free 2 Worship Conference with Rick Pino

At City Bible Church, located off of Beach Blvd, across from UNF

For Further Information, go to:

Admission is Free

Soak, Rest, Saturate in Love!

Come Join Us! You Will Be Refreshed, as He Lavishes His Love Upon You, This Mother’s Day Weekend…

The Second Saturday of Every Month

11:00 AM till 12:15 PM

The last 15 minutes is a time of reflection, for those who are free to share what they saw or heard, during the hour.

‘Corporate […]

Awakening in Jacksonville

The Awakening and Reformation Tour

May 14-15, 2010

with Dutch Sheets, Rick Pino and Eddie James at:

New Life Christian Fellowship

2701 Hodges Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32224

Friday, 7 PM and Saturday, 10 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM

Registration is required. Cost is $10 for early registration and […]