Encounters with God!

Your destiny is fulfilled in love! Let Father God reveal His love for you as you rest. He will take you on a journey into the depths of His heart, through Holy Spirit and Jesus, His son.  Be free from stress in the resting place of His love…trust the One who made a way for you to trust.

realms of glory 037These are but a few of the accounts/stories that are shared by those who come to soaking rest each month. Most of them are about His unfathomable love for us, His children. When we recognize that we are His beloved ones, His sons and daughters, who He loves, a sense of belonging causes us to soar to new heights!

As you read these loving words, affirmations, and visions from God, accept them from His heart to your heart as well:

‘Ocean depths are not as deep as My love…there are no measurements to adequately or precisely account of its depths for you; no need to try My love. For when you find the expression, deeper it will go and higher it will ascend.’

‘I long for you, for you are Mine. Now just enjoy it! Go ahead; you have My permission to splash! The river is a place of joy..of love…of delight…of refreshing…it never ends for My love is from everlasting to everlasting.  Be swallowed up in love. This love satisfies every longing; and many waters cannot quench this love…no shame exists within love, only life. So be consumed, overwhelmed, overtaken, swallowed up, enveloped, absorbed in the love meant for you to enjoy.’

‘Joy, you ask? Joy is the expression of complete satisfaction, of complete peace, of complete delight , of complete freedom and the evidence of the fullness of love divine. All is for you to enjoy, My beloved.’

‘Fear cannot exist in love. It cannot find its way when love fills the atmosphere.  Fear loses direction and cannot find a place to rest….And love is paramount for your quests!’

‘The most beautiful story of love is being with you!’

‘Don’t confuse darkness with deep and places you do not want to go, for I Am with you, holding your hand!’

I saw myself as a bee and He said, ‘Curl up and ‘be’ in My hand.’ (He desires that we rest.)

He danced with me, held me in His arms, touched my cheek, and looked into my eyes.

When pondering my childhood, He said, ‘It is never too late, I can create in you what was never nurtured.’SoakingAbidingPresence

‘Father knows me and what I like and He delights in me.’

Fear broke off…to destiny!

He said, ‘Put your feet right here (on top of His), let’s dance little one!

I saw lots of balloons and clouds and a playground and there were lots of children at play, twirling around and so free!

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