Jack Taylor @ The Gate

Special Guest, Jack Taylor, on Sunday, July 18th at 10:45 AM and 7 PM

‘Father in the Faith, Author of Twelve Accepted Books, and He’s Been Pastor of Several Churches’

At The Gate Fellowship, Located at:

3264 Townsend Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl. 32277
(904) 710-1025

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During the last 40 years he has traveled extensively, ministering the word of God to the Body of Christ at large. With a visit to Toronto in August of 1994 during which a significant healing took place both physically and spiritually in Jack Taylor, his ministry took a dramatic turn with increased manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit.He continues to preach predominantly in the United States in churches of many denominations, with trips to Canada, England, Tanzania, West Africa, Germany, Austria and elsewhere. Jack has spoken often at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship where Renewal began in 1994 and has spoken there many times since.

The Lord has gifted Jack with an apostolic insight into the word of God and the heart to communicate the fullness of His Kingdom to any who will hear. Jack is the President of Dimensions Ministries in Melbourne, Florida. Jack was married to Friede Taylor on December 28, 2004. They both enjoy traveling together.

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