Kingfish Love Letter

Father’s Love Letter Version Available for The Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament

When heading out to check out the catch of the day…take some of these with you to give to others, as they wait at ‘Weigh In’ and while they listen to music and celebrate the catch of the day….

Make this the greatest day of celebration in someone’s life. To know they are loved, wanted and affirmed by God, who sent His son Jesus, reconciling them back to their loving Father! imageimage

A free download is on the resource page of this web site, listed under City-Wide Events: FLL Kingfish Tournament

This quarter-folded card is a two page document. One page is the outside, shown at the left; the inside is the actual text of the letter, with over 50 scriptures, affirming Father God’s love for us and a welcome to join the family of God through Jesus, His son.

The second page, the text, can be downloaded on the resource page of this web site.  It is available in black and white, by clicking on the image of the letter and also in the new color version (FLL Inside Red pdf).