Remembering Bryan Turner

Bryan Turner, child of God, lover of God, loving husband and father, faithful friend, associate pastor, founder of The Jesus Bus, a man of many talents and mighty man of God and Daddy God’s little boy!  You will be greatly missed and your life lives on through all those you touched! We are grateful to God for you and we thank you!

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It was a rare thing to find him without a smile and without his Bible or a tract to give out. He gave of his time and gave to others.  As seen in the picture, above left, he often stopped the bus to tell others of God’s love; as he did when he saw these children. His heart of compassion and love, compelled him to go; just like Jesus, he was always showing the Father’s heart toward  everyone he met.

Latest Pictures 008 At National Day of Prayer at Latham Plaza in Jacksonville Beach with The Jesus Bus, below. He brought the sound system that was used for this event and at the same time, he was sharing the love of God, during set up and break down! Several souls came to know the Lord as Saviour!

When it got dark, he played the video of Father’s Love Letter, on the big screen, for the crowd that remained, as seen below.


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National Day of Prayer for Youth/Young Adults held at University of N Florida, below, on the left; and at Sandalwood High School, for another year for National Day of Prayer for the Youth, on the right.

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At Super March for Jesus, the sound system was used to assemble the crowd for prayer before and after the Super March for Jesus. The same week was Super Bowl, where Bryan parked the bus in the midst of the crowd, along the river and shared the love of God with everyone he met, as the music played and the Gospel was preached.

Super March For Jesus 049 Super March For Jesus 006

Bryan saw the need and came to fill it with himself and The Jesus Bus; it becomes the sound system for a local church, that was burnt to the ground and now having to meet in a tent. Another outreach, below, giving out school supplies with other ministers…

Outreach With tiger 004empty camera 522

And at the Baseball Stadium downtown for National Day of Prayer, below, to the right.   Bryan went from neighborhood to neighborhood, across denominational lines, racial lines and economic/social barriers to share the love of God…If he could not make it himself, he sent others to take his place, so that the love of God continued to flow into highways and byways of The First Coast.


Bryan and Joy Turner and boys
The greatest way we can help this family is to first pray, follow the life as modeled by Jesus and this man of God, and also:
An account has been set up to help the family. If you would like to contribute, you may send a check to: Bryan Turner Family Fund Community First Credit Union, PO Box 2600, Jacksonville, FL 32232
Or, purchase gift cards from Super Mart type stores, which carry food, clothing, gasoline, etc., and send them to Pam Hatcher, through University Baptist Church, C/O Joy Turner, his wife: Church address is 5520 University Blvd West, Jacksonville, Fl 32216, 904-737-6330, from 9 AM to 3:30 PM And all other inquiries, direct to