Children’s Love Letter

Father is the best Dad in the whole world! He is the perfect Father and both Father and Mother to us; not meaning gender, but masculine and feminine, which are found in Him, therefore in you! We are made in His image and likeness.

Let the children know of His outrageous love, through your actions and by giving a Father’s Love Letter , along with the candy and other treats this time of year! Father Loves You!  Directions for free download below:

The best dad

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How can Christians approach Halloween and can there be a Biblical way to observe this secular holiday?

Christians must follow their own convictions as this can be a disputable subject, as described in the book of Romans chapter 14. Whether you choose to observe it, boycott it, run from it, ignore it, tolerate it, celebrate through a positive alternative or take advantage of the opportunity to evangelize, listen to God as Holy Spirit guides you. There are many opportunities to fellowship with other believers and family members to worship God and His goodness in a safe and fun environment.

At all times and in all seasons, Father is pouring His love out upon all flesh through Holy Spirit. Father’s Love Letter is a great expression and ministry tool for this hour.

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