Fun for the Family!

Hallelujah Night 2010

5 to 8 PM, Oct. 31st

At New Life Christian Fellowship

2701 Hodges Blvd.

Jacksonville, Fl. 32224


Snowcones – Games – Rock Wall – Boxing Ring – Bungee Jump – Giant Slide

Bring your children, friends and neighbors out for a crazy time of food, fellowship, fun, games and loads and loads of CANDY! Admission and games are FREE! There will be food available for a nominal charge and proceeds benefit the Children’s Ministry.

Costume Contest: Guidelines, time, and other details at the web site:


How can Christians approach Halloween and can there be a Biblical way to observe this secular holiday?

Christians must follow their own convictions as this can be a disputable subject, as described in the fourteenth chapter of Romans. Whether you choose to observe it, boycott it, run from it, ignore it, tolerate it, celebrate through a positive alternative or take advantage of the opportunity to evangelize, listen to God as Holy Spirit guides you. There are many opportunities to fellowship with other believers and family members to worship God and His goodness in a safe and fun environment.

At all times and in all seasons, Father is pouring His love out upon all flesh through Holy Spirit. Father’s Love Letter is a great expression and ministry tool for this hour.

Three views are available for free download on the Resource Page of this web site; with the letter on the inside, as a separate document. These can be given out to others to tell them about Hallelujah Night and at the same time, they can read the Father’s Love Letter on the inside! Or treat them with love and give these out with candy to the children.

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