Live Webcast 1-26-2011

Trevor and Linda Galpin

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 3 PM EST

Trevor Galpin from New Zealand is the Special Guest

Mark Gyde and Barry Adams are the hosts for these live webcasts.  They cover a variety of topics, related to living as sons and God as Father to Us.  From time to time, special guests from around the world will join in these broadcasts to share and pray for participants.

(Trevor, pictured here with his wife, Linda)

Mark and Barry and their guests are visible through a video chatroom, set up for these broadcasts.  You will hear and see them and respond to them in real time with questions and comments via live chat.

(Trevor will be in Jacksonville on March 25-26th at Grace Church of Avondale. For more information, contact )

How To Access This Video Broadcast:

Check this link for your time to join in the live webcasts:

At the scheduled time, go to:   (The chatroom will normally be open 5-10 minutes prior to the allotted start time.)  To access the live video stream, click on the "join webcast" link at the top of the page. 

Please join in with the family of God, from around the world, for these events and tell your friends about them too!