Thanksgiving Love Letter

Several versions for Thanksgiving of Father’s Love Letter are ready for free download; in English, (humorous, color, or black and white) and in Spanish, located on the resource page, under the Holiday Category of this web site or by clicking on the images below. 

This is two-sided card and quarter-folded into a greeting card.  There are two separate, free downloads: choose the version from one of the selections below; then choose either the color version or the black and white of the text of Father’s Love Letter,located on the resource page.  Print the selected outside version, then place it back into the printer, right side up, and in the correct direction, to print the other side.  After the inside, the text, is printed, a two-sided document is complete.  Then fold in half and in half again to create a greeting card for your family, neighbors and friends.

imageimage imageimage

(Spanish Text for Inside of Card)

For More Information on this ministry, to have Deborah and Bill come to your gathering or for a Father’s Love Letter designed specifically, for your ministry, business, event or vocation, Contact Deborah Fisher at or call 904-249-3368.